1、Hengan Group is committed to building a learning-based enterprise,

    Hengan Group focuses on strengthening the training and education of managers, constantly expanding their horizons and improving their overall quality, so as to help them to grow with the growth of the enterprise.Besides regular various professional trainings, the company set up “Hengan Management College” internally to provide all-round skill and quality training for employees at different levels and stages.The company attaches great importance to the construction of internal teachers and training of internal lecturers, fully excavates and utilizes the company's internal training resources. Through open recruitment and trial lecture selection, a team of more than 400 lecturers have been formed to build a talent training base of introverted enterprise. 

    The company keeps close to the enterprise development strategy, formulates the strategic personnel training policy of centralized training and promotion by different projects and regions, and cultivates "expert consultant talents" through project participation and instructor guidance.Hengan Group focuses on school-enterprise cooperation, and provides enterprise talents with new knowledge and skills by “borrowing brain” outside. On the one hand, it cooperated with universities like Fuzhou University and Huaqiao University in form of degree courses and directional training courses to promote the education background of grassroots employees. It has trained 1,175 employees in total. On the other hand, the establishment of academician workstation in cooperation with Donghua University not only promotes the research and development of innovative technologies, but also provides stronger security for enterprise to cultivate innovative and technical talents.

2、Hengan Group constructs internal competition mode

    Opens up the management promotion channel, comprehensively implements competitive recruitment mechanism from grassroots employees to department directors, and accurately evaluates talents through assessment tools such as personality test and quality assessment.It established a platform-like small team model—Amoeba Business Model, to provide good opportunities for the group's secondary entrepreneurship and employees’ personal development.Since carrying out the competition for the chief executive of Amoeba, Hengan has selected out 300 chief executives, effectively promoting the transformation from employees to enterprise development partners, fully tapping the production and operation potentials of employees, and realizing a win-win relationship between enterprise’s and individual’s value.